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UK Tech Giveaways gives you the chance to win some of the best tech on the market. Grab yourself a ticket, then check us out live on Facebook when we announce the winners.

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How To Take Part

Step 1. Find a Competition

Find a competition with a product you like as the giveaway.

Step 2. Get Your Tickets

Choose the amount of tickets you want to purchase up to the maximum allowed amount (It varies per giveaway).

Step 3. Answer The Question

Answer the trivia question correctly to be entered into the prize draw. Wrong answers won’t be accepted into the draw, but you will still be charged.

Step 4. Watch The Live Draw

When the giveaway has closed, the winners will be announced in a live draw on our Facebook page. They will also be contacted by email.

More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

How Do I Know That I Can I Trust You?

That’s a great question! We’re a registered UK company which you can look up yourself. Our registered number is – 13204150

Will I Have To Pay To Recieve My winnings?

Nope! If you win a physical product, we will ship the product to you absolutely free. We will ship it to the address you gave us when you bought your ticket.

If your prize is a gift card then we will email your code within a few hours of the announcement being made.

Can I Enter if I Live Outside of the UK?

I’m afraid not. At the moment we are only shipping within the UK, including our digital products. Sorry about that.

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